P&G Sustainability Introduction

P&G is committed to ensuring a better quality of life for people around the world, now and for generations to come. P&G recognizes that a key part of this commitment is sustainable development, which has been a focus of the Company for more than 30 years. For P&G, sustainability means steady, careful and measured progress in the successful development of environmentally-responsible and socio-economically responsible sustainable products and processes.

Moving forward in sustainable innovation, P&G has established company goals in the areas of products, operations, social responsibility, employees and stakeholders. As one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world, P&G remains committed to meeting these targets swiftly, and facing new sustainable challenges on the horizon, to continue to advance its sustainable practices.

P&G’s leadership in sustainable initiatives and insights on the increasing need for green and sustainable chemistry have led to the development of an innovative new product line of sucrose esters: Sefose®.


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